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Auralee Mayfield is a motion designer, illustrator, and art director. She works in brand identity, and music visualization.Currently based in New York. Please email any opportunities or questions.


Drifting Away From Chaos

Chalk back documentary

Warrior Nun Show Package

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The Devil May Cry



Light on me

COMOTION 2021 / 2022



VJ Work


Auralee Mayfield is an freelance artist currently living in NYC. She creates colorful, memorable motion design works and illustrations. Developing her skills in the generative program TouchDesigner and defining her unique style through different software and mediums.Other than design and art, You can find her learning languages, reading mystery books, traveling, trying new food, and finding new music. Native in English / Intermediate in Korean.Business email me at

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At the moment, I am working on several projects. A music video for a modern classical composer, some fun illustrations, freelance motion graphics work, and building online presence through Instagram and Twitch.

wanderer music video

illustration and design

Bee & Puppycat Inspired Animation

Freelance mograph


A collaboration with a Hong Kong based composer, Lauryn Kurniawan. This black-and-white music video works to capture the feeling of being lost in life, and the temptations one may encounter.

Direction: Lauryn Kurniawan, Auralee Mayfield, Concepting: Agatha Tiara (Rara) Christa, Animation: Auralee Mayfield, Fon Limsomwong

This music video is a collaboration with Hong Kong based composer Lauryn Kurniawan. This music video expresses the confusion and lost-feeling one might feel when faced with too many choices and temptations.The black-and-white graphic style juxtaposes the bright colors and highlights the confusion of the main character. These colorful signs and flowers can seem inviting at first, but prove to be overwhelming. The looped ending seals the character in a cycle, stuck as a lost wanderer.


character storyboard

VJ Work

Since music is one of my main inspirations, one of my biggest interests is creating visuals surrounding music. VJing is a side passion of mine, and helps me hone my technical and creative skills.I have created visuals for Silver Factory in Brooklyn, NYC as well as Alys Beach in Florida.

silver factory visuals

visuals for alys beach - digital graffiti event

vj experiment for damn right by audrey nuna and dj snake

touchdesigner visual for brand new person - tame impala

Chalk Back

Graphics for a documentary centered around the instagram account @catcallsofnyc.Visuals illustrating support, hate, and the deadly consequences of sexual harassment.

Light on me

Light On Me is a SCAD senior animation film about a broken and tossed lightbulb finding a new beauty in life, directed by Eunha Kim. Created 2D FX and motion design for the film. As well as composited some scenes.

drifting away from chaos

My second senior project, Drifting Away From Chaos, is a collection of visuals surrounding a fashion collection by designer Xueying (Sharon) Rui. This collection expresses the chaos and the quiet of the COVID-19 pandemic. I experimented with the TouchDesigner program to create visuals that merge her collection with technology and nature. These tech-driven visuals express the rigidness of society while the nature-like visuals express the chaos of the pandemic.

Imagery of fabric transformed into live visuals. Focused on their aesthetic connection to nature.
Feedback loop + displacement + slope and ramp/look-up to generate a distorted image or mov file with selected colors.

Other Experiments with TouchDesigner

Audio visual experiment based on Tabber's look at : vampire mix. I created this while experimenting with noise nodes and how to get a certain response to audio frequencies.


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Finishing up my film minor in Hong Kong was a great experience that resulted in this film 'Psycho'. A story of betrayal and the blindness of love.
Unfortunately due to COVID19, the finished product was not a final cut.

Auralee Mayfield : Co-script writer, co-director, and DOP
Gabriela Prias: Co-Director, Co-script writer
Mary Mcguire: Producer, Lighting
Ariel Daniel: AD, Casting, Styling
Yigi Fong: Styling, Prop Master
Micheal Rush: Professor

warrior nun show re-package

A repackage of Netflix original Warrior Nun. I chose this show because of its unique concept and creative beginnings - an original comic book series by Ben Dunn. I collaborated with Chris Rodriguez, a cinema 4D connoisseur who helped me bring the chaotic visuals to life.

Collaboration with Chris Rodriguez @_DaChris

By mixing a sense of renaissance art and chaotic graphic visuals, this concept juxtaposes the pristine beauty and subtle eeriness of catholic iconography with the outrageousness of the original comic that the show is based on. By cutting between shots of realistically rendered churches and religious figures, the concept will represent the tone of the show, being dramatic and suspenseful without taking itself too seriously.

Title Sequence and Show Package Compilation

Process / Research



Cities - A compilation of cities in my life. nov 19 hong kong

Right before the pandemic, I was studying abroad in Hong Kong. This video I made before knowing that we would have to go back to America halfway through our stay. Even though I was there for a short time, I learned a lot about my view on the world and the world's view on me. Hong Kong made me fall in love with cities and all the calm craziness they offer.This is a compilation of all the cities in my life (Boston, Amsterdam, Savannah, Hong Kong) and the people with me. Featuring a song by one of my favorite producers Code Kunst.

The devil may cry

A dark and grungy exploration done in After Effects and Cinema 4D of A Devil May Cry by Tabber.

Spotify Logo Resolve

This project is a fun and simple logo resolve for Spotify. I planned to have a colorful world revealed after the play button is clicked. Little 'planets' represent the different types of listeners.

Comotion design team

final frames - 2021

final frames - 2022


After dealing with returning from SCAD Hong Kong unexpectedly because of COVID-19, I applied for the COMOTION team in order to learn more about working in a team. In late 2020 I was selected to be apart of SCAD MOMELove's COMOTION design team.

Tasked with creating styleframes to fit into the Art Director Yuying Herr's unique style and vision for the title sequence. We had deadlines for the color comps as well as multiple version of the styleframes for the title sequence. I joined the design team again in 2021 to create styleframes for the 2022 title sequence.

Provided Storyboard - 2021

Process (sketch + color comp) 2021 + 2022

2g love - thama

I created a lyric animation connecting to the retro and calm vibes of Thama's 2G Love.
Featuring a soft color palette and 2D animation look.


HERA is a world named after it's main character Hera, a young girl on a journey to find herself and what happened to the long-lost women of Sofia. In the icy nation by the Northern Sea, Hera leaves her aloof father and brother to chase after her mother's footprints. She meets Lux along the way, another lost daughter of the icy tundra. Together, they discover more about their lost family members as well as themselves.
Creating characters and stories is also a passion of mine, and I'd love to create a webtoon in the future. I would not be pursuing the arts without the stories told to me when I was young, and I hope to create visuals that will inspire the next generation of artists.

Character Illustrations

Landscape Exploration

cinema 4d

As a more 2D-oriented artist, I recently started learning and building my 3D skills. Cinema 4D has showed me a lot of pathways for my art to go.

This is a recent test of a work in progress. More details on this project here

for fun

experiments in time media just for fun.

scratch film experimenting

Visual music - Sun Spat by EMEFE

a bunch o' gifs

Kusmi Tea logo resolve

Kiara - ez entertainment

For the summer of 2021, I worked at EZ Entertainment in Seoul, Korea to help promote their musician Kiara.
It was such a great experience living in one of the busiest and most creative cities in the world. I communicated with my coworkers and the company in Korean, sending my portfolio and CV to the CEO. Once I arrived, I was tasked with creating these character illustrations for the company to use on Kiara's instagram, designs for fancafe emojis and calendars, as well as a lyric video for Kiara's single 'Tomboy'.


tomboy lyric video pitch


(KYA - Kiara's fandom)


Self-initiated illustration, featuring portraits, concept art, film studies, and more.

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